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Sage 4 Plant Cell Pack
Sage Plant 4.5” Pot
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Sage Plant

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Gardeners add the uniquely flavored leaves of common garden sage, an herbaceous perennial, to sauces, stuffings, poultry, pork, and sausage. It provides a lovely fragrance and flavor to a dish, especially when leaves are sautéed before adding. It is a good fall and winter plant in hot climates. Great for containers. Needs good drainage.

Sun Exposure

   I need at least 4 hours of afternoon sun but can go all day

Growing Season



   Height: 12-36”    
   Width: 15-24”    
   Spacing: 18-24”


  • 10-20 Days

Maintenance Notes

In coldest zones, sage can take a while to leaf out; be patient before pulling plants. Prune plants back in early spring, cutting out oldest growth to promote new growth. Sage tends to get woody and stop producing lots of branches after 3 to 5 years. At this point, consider replacing your plant. Mildew can be a problem, especially in humid areas. Thin plants regularly to promote air circulation.Pick leaves at any point in the growing season. In zones in which sage is perennial, harvest plants lightly the first year. With established plants, stop harvesting 2 months prior to frost to give new leaves time to mature. To harvest, cut an entire stem if desired, or just pinch a leaf at a time.