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Proven Winners - New Guinea Impatiens - Infinity Pink

Proven Winners - New Guinea Impatiens - Infinity Pink

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The SUN is my MUSE.

Vigorous, upright plants with large flowers; great flowering color for shaded areas

Sun Exposure

   Plants that require part sun to part shade need at least 4 hours of sun but can’t take more than 6 hours of sun. These are great for locations that only get the morning sun or only get the afternoon sun or only get the evening sun. They can also be planted in area that filters the sun all day long like under a tree.

Growing Season



   Height: 10-14”    
   Width: 6-12”    
   Spacing: 4”


  • Long Blooming
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Deadheading Not Necessary

Maintenance Notes

Self-cleaning; no deadheading necessary. Infinity will do well in the ground or in containers. While New Guinea Impatiens are often sold in hanging baskets they need a lot of water to do well and it may be difficult to maintain appropriate moisture levels during the heat of the summer. They will be easier to keep hydrated in large pots or in the ground. They will do best in shady locations, but have been shown to do fine in hot sun as long as they are well watered. If the plants do get dry and are wilted, even if they are severely wilted, water them immediately and they should bounce back within several hours. They are generally easy care with little to no maintenance, other than watering, necessary. If you do want to trim them to improve habit this can be done at anytime using a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears.