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Proven Winners - Caladium - Heart to Heart Radiance

Proven Winners - Caladium - Heart to Heart Radiance

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Can I COME HOME with you?

'Radiance' is a Fancy form and has a bright intense rose pink center transitioning to light pink and white with pink spots and a green margin. It is a shade to sun plant. Caladiums are also generally considered to be houseplants where they prefer bright light or a sunny window.

Since Caladiums prefer heat and humidity and do not tolerate cold, soggy soils, for most gardeners who live in the north will have best results in containers, as the soil in pots or planters warms up faster and has better drainage so plants will not become soggy. Remember for best growth always keep the temperatures above 65 F.

Indoors: Caladiums can be a very nice windowsill or sunroom plant and for much of the United States and certainly in Canada this might be the best use for Caladiums. Since they are tropical they need to have warmth and humidity, try to always keep the temperatures above 65 F for best growth and leaf size, and a pebble tray or frequent misting can help to keep humidity up around your plants. If you live in a northern climate, be careful not to plant too early in spring as temperatures below 50F will chill and stunt plants, normal indoor temperatures should be fine and winter heaters usually dry things out a bit too much. So this can be a good guide for when to grow these Caladiums, when you turn the heater off for the summer.

Growing Season



   Height: 15-20” 
   Width: 10-14"   
   Spacing: 10-14”


  • Adaptable as House Plant
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Foliage Interest
  • Deadheading Not Necessary