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Gaillardia - Blanket Flower - Arizona Sun

Gaillardia - Blanket Flower - Arizona Sun

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Large fiery orange red blossoms of Arizona Sun are tipped by a ring of rich flame yellow. Forms a neat mound of lance-shaped, grayish-green leaves. Near end of season, leave spent flower heads for seed to attract goldfinches. The common name of Gaillardia refers to the resemblance to brightly patterned Native American blankets - hence Blanket Flower. Extremely drought and heat tolerant, once established. From the early summer on, very showy banded flowers "blanket" this plant. The ends of the petals have a torn, ruffled appearance. Butterflies are drawn to it." width="553" height="65">

   I need at least 2 hours of afternoon sun

Growing Season



   Height: 12-15”    
   Width: 15”    
   Spacing: 15”


  • Zone 3-9

Maintenance Notes

New plantlets can be started by cutting straight down along the side of a clump in midsummer. New plants will form at the severed roots. Completely carefee. Best in poor loose soils (no clay).