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Bok Choy Plant 4.5” Pot
Bok Choy 4 Plant Cell Pack
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Bok Choy Plant

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Bok choy is a type of Chinese cabbage. Its Chinese name, "pak choi," translates to "white cabbage," probably because of its blanched centers, but there are green varieties too. The stalks are crisp and the leaves are smooth and tender with a flavor somewhere between cabbage and chard. Plants form an upright head, with outward flaring leaves, and its white or green stalks look like smooth, non-stringy celery. The stalk can shoot up to twice the size of the plant. Flower stalks grow from the center of the plant and have the yellow, 4-petal cross typical of the cruciferous family.

Sun Exposure

   I need at least 4 hours of afternoon sun but can go all day

Growing Season



   Height: 10-24”    
   Width: 12”    
   Spacing: 12”


  • 45-60 Days

Maintenance Notes

Bok choy is a biennial. Size will depend on the variety you are growing. In general, baby bok choy is less than 10 inches tall and standard bok choy varieties grow one to two feet tall, with a spread of about 12 inches.

You can succession plant every couple of weeks for a longer harvest period. Stop planting when the weather turns hot, then start new plants for the fall in mid-summer.