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Espoma - Garden Food 5-10-5 Fertilizer 6.75 Lb.

Espoma - Garden Food 5-10-5 Fertilizer 6.75 Lb.

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All purpose plant food; for flowers vegetables trees and shrubs, helps plants quickly absorb major nutrients, Less nitrogen and potassium then 10-10-10

Sun Exposure

   I can be used in any sunlight conditions

Application Season


When To Use

  • Feed Every 3 Months

    How Much to Use

    • General information:: Do not place fertilizer directly on seeds or plants. Keep at least 3 inches away. Cultivate the fertilizer into soil. Be careful not to disturb roots or seeds. Repeat feedings every four weeks throughout the growing season.
    • Individual Plants or Seeds:: When planting, mix 1 teaspoon of Espoma Garden Food with soil used to back fill holes. After plants are established, apply at a rate of 1/8 cup per plant..
    • Gardens:: Apply at the rate of 1 ½ pounds per 100 square feet. Row Planting: Apply 1 pound for each 50 feet of row with rows 30 inches wide.
    • Always water after feeding.:

    How to Apply

    • Always water after feeding.